Our Resource Allocation feature enables users to build project teams based on team skills, working patterns and capacity to maximise resource efficiency.

It shows a bird’s eye view of each project, overlaid with other organisation data to give resource transparency across the whole portfolio. This enables users to manage and plan resource in an ideal timeline, and to foresee and avoid problems.


Why we built it

All organisations naturally want to ensure their people are productive and contributing to the success of change projects to meet business objectives. Even more so following the global pandemic, teams are disparate; with project managers and team members working remotely.

As a result, many businesses find themselves working with reduced resources to deliver tighter deadlines than ever before. But with traditional methods and software, it’s never an exact science.



Sharktower’s Resource Allocation feature enables users to build project teams based on skills, working patterns and capacity


What it enables users to do

  • Search for resource based on people, skills, job roles or location
  • Add “unassigned” resource and assign a job role to complete initial planning
  • Plan skills demand and manage team allocations
  • View project utilisation summaries per day or over time
  • View resource capacity across your project and others within your organisation
  • Report on budgeted effort, allocation by role and allocation by team member


See Resource Allocation in action

Watch the walk-through to see how Resource Allocation makes resource management more simple and efficient.


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