Towards and beyond Net Zero: Startup Summit 2021

Resource Type: | Published: 28th Sep 2021 | By Team Sharktower

We’re proud to be Silver Partners for this year’s Startup Summit 2021 which is designed around the theme of ‘Startups in 2031’.

With the UK Government target to achieve Net Zero by 2030, how will 2031 look for Startups?

This year’s event – including a day of in-person talks, workshops and networking – will look at how developments in the next ten years will transform the way we establish and grow new businesses.



Topics covered across all 4 days of the event will include:

  • The future of work, education and investment
  • The continued rise of flexible working and employee wellbeing
  • Responsibly using AI, Data and Advanced Technology
  • The future of leadership, ethics and purpose
  • Growing, scaling and marketing a purpose-driven business
  • The role of businesses in ensuring sustainability and the COP26 engagements


Get involved and get tickets!

Applications are currently open for sponsors, exhibitors and speakers to take part in the event.

In-person and online tickets are available now on the Startup Summit website.

Hope to see you there!