Hot off the press: it’s our Summer campfire catch-up!

Resource Type: | Published: 01st Aug 2022 | By Team Sharktower

Hi folks, welcome to the Summer campfire catch-up!

Throughout the recent heatwave, Team Sharktower has been loading up on ice cream to develop more new features to make your life easier.

Here are a few updates we think you might like to see.




Shiny new features!


Cool new options for risks and issues

You asked, and we delivered.

Some of our customers measure risk impact and probability using a scale from Very Low to Very High.

We have now given you the ability to select these when adding a risk or issue.

This helps stakeholders focus their attention and – if you have our tailored reporting service – we can now create a 5 x 5 risk matrix for you – just ask!



Bite-sized updates

It is now possible to Delete Projects – if you’re an admin or project manager then you can easily delete your project from the Project Settings page.

Focus For The Day (which is extra handy for when you get back to work after summer holidays) now shows you which project a work item is related to.




Better Meta for projects

Now when users create a project they can add additional metadata to the project such as:

Priority: capturing this is a step towards more advanced scenario modelling in Sharktower – by capturing this against all your projects, we can help you when new projects come along out of the blue.

Complexity: the complexity of a project can influence how you plan, how you work and how you engage with stakeholders.

Budget: we recognise that for some users, the budget feature is too low level and that sometimes, you just want to be able to capture a single figure at project level.

Benefits: similarly, while it’s possible to capture benefits at the specific outcome level in the plan, sometimes users just want one easy place to be able to track – and report on – project benefits.


Coming soon!

New notifications – get a nudge when your outcome slips or when you’re added to a new project

Show benefit value on outcome tiles so you can start being even more transparent about the why as well as the what


On the horizon…

Attach documents to tasks, decisions and other work items: this will be a game-changer for things like sharing template documents with third party collaborators or uploading finished project documents such as business cases or project briefs – everything in one place!

Gantt-style planning (see below) – an alternative to the delivery path plan visualisation, you’ll be able to capture phases and their activities with simple, intuitive input.



Cool fact!

New Zealand consumes more ice cream per capita than any other country, scooping up almost 30 litres per person, per year!

(For context, in the UK, we get through an average of 7 litres per person, per year.)


That’s all from us for this catch-up.

Until next time – enjoy the rest of your summer!

Team Sharktower