What’s new? Sharktower product updates – June 2021

Resource Type: | Published: 17th Jun 2021 | By Team Sharktower

Ready for a round-up?

We’ve been so busy building new features we forget to tell everyone about them, so here’s a bumper update of what’s new in the wonderful world of Sharktower. 


Project budget

Managing the project budget in line is one of the most difficult things in project management, yet it’s a huge factor in determining the success of your project.

With this new feature, you can keep track of the budget and forecast, month by month. By breaking the project budget down into different categories and types, you can quickly spot cost overruns, where the wrong resource are being used, or inaccurate estimates.

Breakdown budget into different categories, types and line items, like this:


Now you can keep track of your budget and forecast, month by month


And see your total budget, forecast spend and budget vs forecast.

Like this:


Check on budgets and forecasts at-a-glance

Workstream performance

You can now check the performance of workstreams on the Project Overview page! Head to the Activity Overview tile and click the expand icon to view the breakdown against each workstream.

View performance breakdown against each workstream

Completing a project

By popular demand, we’ve added ‘Completed Project’ as a status. Head to the Project Overview page and through the RAG status modal you can set the project status to “Completed”.

This is also reflected on the Project Dashboard, where completed projects can be filtered out.


Mark projects as completed – hurray!

Other Enhancements

Along with the bigger releases we’ve been busy making small improvements/bug fixes across Sharktower. They are:

  • Improved authentication for when our users are logging in, changing passwords, and adding users, also includes the option for Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • We now remember your project filters! Set your project filters on the project dashboard and if you navigate away, Sharktower will remember your filters for when you come back.
  • You can now filter by Project Manager on the Project Dashboard
  • UI improvements to Plan, including a more visible “today” line and a more visible selection outline when bulk selecting activities
  • New loading spinner, for when switching between certain areas of Sharktower.


As always, you can read more about our product updates over on the Sharktower knowledge base

Until next time, folks.

Happy surfing!