Webinar – Sharktower for portfolio leads: how to ensure you’re set up for success

Resource Type: | Published: 26th Oct 2023 | By Team Sharktower




Change portfolios in every sector are becoming more sizeable and diverse. PMO and portfolio leads find themselves navigating ever-evolving resource constraints, prioritisation challenges and risk management issues. Meanwhile, the pressure to deliver successful outcomes doesn’t let up.

In this one-hour session, we dive into the world of portfolio management and risk monitoring, showcasing how Sharktower can help you drive success in your projects and programmes. you’ll see:

Portfolio overview: View overall RAG status, next milestones, number and status of activities, progress in the previous week compared to what’s planned for the next week, and resourcing status – all in one place.

Risks and issues: See all of the Risks and Issues within your Portfolio, sort them by the headings, filter specific portfolios, and even export to CSV.

Assurance reports: Real-time, easy-to-access reporting that shows any blocked or overdue work that requires your attention.