From notifications to nudges: Spring campfire catch-up!

Resource Type: | Published: 23rd Mar 2022 | By Team Sharktower

Hi folks, welcome to the Spring campfire catch-up!

The weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and we’re blossoming with new features and plans. 

Here are a few updates we think you might like to see.




New features!


Email notifications are go!

You can now enable Email Notifications in Sharktower. This gives you the option to receive notifications right to your inbox if you’re tagged in a comment, assigned a task, etc. Head to your profile page to enable them, and find out more in the knowledge base.


Love a label?

We’ve added the ability to tag your projects with labels. This is great if you want to tag and filter projects by region, business unit or department. To add labels to your project, go to the project settings page (labels can only be created and maintained by admins).




Small improvements

As well as our bigger features, we’re always adding small improvements into the app, too.

  • You can now link completed Outcomes to Objectives; this is useful if you are retrospectively linking up your project milestones and deliverables to your business goals. To find out more about Objectives, check out this article.
  • When you link a work item to an activity and the work item due date is past the activity end date we’ll give you a nudge to tell you. Does the activity need updating or do you need to complete that bit of work sooner?
  • The data extract feature now includes a “completed at” column so your work item reporting can be even more precise.



Coming soon 

Our product team have been busy creating new features and improvements across our tools.

  • Deleting a project – instead of archiving your projects, if you’re an admin or the project manager you’ll be able to delete projects.
  • Microsoft Teams App – we’re busy working on the foundations to enable notifications in MS Teams, so look out for further updates on this in the coming months.



Need some sea-life stress-relief?

Studies have shown that aquarium-watching helps reduce stress and anxiety, increase feelings of relaxation, and decrease heart rate.

So until snorkeling holidays are back, we’ve been loving this aquarium cam from the Aquarium of the Pacific.


That’s all from us for this catch-up. Until next time!

Team Sharktower