Sponsoring an event? Get our free event planning template!

Resource Type: | Published: 02nd Aug 2021 | By Team Sharktower


Sharktower’s Marketing Director Nikki Horwood has years of experience managing corporate sponsorship for large events.

These days, of course, she plans and manages sponsorships in Sharktower, but this free event planning template is useful even if don’t use Sharktower yet,

The template is structured around a checklist, so you can plan your activities, assign tasks and stay on schedule.

Either download the template from this page or – if you have a Sharktower account – you can select the plan directly from the template library.

Template features:
  • Download as an Excel spreadsheet
  • Covers all key areas of event sponsorship
  • Includes  tips to running a successful show
  • Easy-to-update status column helps you keep track of all activity
  • Assign tasks using the ‘Assignee’ column
  • ‘Flagged’ column allows your team to highlight areas of concern for quick review
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