Stay focused with connected objectives and outcomes.

Teams that unite behind collective goals are more likely to succeed. With Sharktower, the link between strategy and delivery is seamless.

Up-front objectives

Without clear business objectives, projects – and project teams – can quickly lose their way. In Sharktower, objectives are signposted clearly in the sidebar, so everyone can see and understand the importance of their role in achieving the ultimate goal.

Achievable results

When you set up key results, it breaks each objective down into achievable milestones which can be assigned to an owner and reviewed regularly right up to completion.

Bite-sized outcomes

Outcomes show the actual work required to deliver key results, and each can be linked back directly to an objective in the project plan. See, we told you it was seamless.

Why do you need visible business objectives?

Good project teams know what they’re doing. Great project teams know why they’re doing it. Visible objectives mean:

Projects stay on track

Projects are evolving entities, and without clear direction they can quickly veer off on a tangent. And while almost every project will pivot over time, a visible objective ensures the whole team can refocus quickly without losing momentum.

More projects succeed

According to a PMI ‘Pulse of the Profession’ report, the primary reason that projects fail is a lack of clearly defined objectives and milestones. So never mind the umpteen other pitfalls you might encounter; if you don’t have a clear objective, your project could run out of steam before it’s even begun.

Measurable outcomes

A bit of a no-brainer maybe, but without widely-understood objectives, how do you measure (and reward) success? When change is continual, you need a way to mark important milestones and achievements. Because life’s better when you celebrate the wins.

“Sharktower has allowed the PMO in Robert Walters to move beyond KPIs to value outcomes which are the only real marker of delivery success." Leon Reynolds, Head of Delivery - Robert Walters

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