Make faster decisions with automated reporting from Sharktower.

Manual reporting wastes time and delivers out-of-date results. With Sharktower, you can access live project insights across your whole portfolio.

Instant delivery assurance

Sharktower captures, generates and updates data continually, creating meaningful reports that drive business value and enable stakeholders to carry out live delivery assurance across all projects and portfolios.

Insights at a glance

A visual, easy to read overview page shows the most important information across your project portfolio. View RAG status, upcoming milestones and work completions at a glance, and drill down to investigate issues in more detail.

AI-driven reporting models

Because everything’s connected in Sharktower, relevant data feeds into the project health and team sentiment models, giving you an unbiased view of performance and morale.

Why you need real-time reporting

Static reports aren’t just time-consuming to create, they’re often out-of-date and one dimensional. Here’s why automated real-time reporting is a game-changer:

Save valuable time

Project managers can spend up to 20-30% of their time collating and creating manual reports. Not only is it slow, repetitive work; it dominates time that could be better spent communicating with customers and stakeholders.

Get up-to-date data

When you’re overseeing complex projects, a lot can change in the space of a few hours. When you need to make pivotal decisions, you need live data and analysis to quickly understand the issues and act on them.


More transparency and trust

With live reporting dashboards, nobody’s kept in the dark. They help build clarity and communication internally among teams, and externally if you choose to share them with clients and other stakeholders.


“Sharktower truly captures a data-driven approach to project management, removing the need for manual processes. What I found valuable was the use of early warning indicators to take action quickly." Jonathan Girvan, PMO & Change Delivery Leader

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