Keep everything on track with time-saving task management

Don’t waste time chasing updates. With Sharktower, you can view and manage stories, tasks, documents, risks and issues easily in one place.

View tasks by project and by person

Whether you’re managing your own workload or your team’s, the simple ‘drag and drop’ column layout shows the progress of each task, so you can quickly identify priorities, delays and blockers and collaborate on documents

Handy filters and labels

Because each task is tagged by assignee, workstream and activity type, it’s easy to filter by category. So even complex projects can be understood and managed more simply.

Find your focus for the day

Priorities piling up? Sharktower’s the ‘Focus for the day’ feature allows you to choose which tasks to work on first, which to postpone for later and which (if any) to mark as blocked.

Share files with your team

With Sharktower, managing your files has never been easier! Upload your files, share them with your team and improve your project workflows!

Why you need an online Kanban board

Whether you’re managing your own work or overseeing a whole portfolio, tasks that are labelled, ordered and allocated in a drag-and-drop format are a project manager’s dream. Here’s why:

Post-its are stuck in the past

Post-it covered whiteboards and walls become untidy and unreliable. An online Kanban can be accessed and updated by everyone – even if they’re working remotely – and organised in a clear, structured way.

Better team collaboration

Stand-ups run more smoothly when you can view tasks and activities in real-time. Spot blockers and co-dependent tasks instantly, so the whole team can see and understand where their work fits within the bigger picture.

Visible progress and updates

No need to constantly check-in or wait for progress reports. With the Kanban, everyone in the team can add comments and feedback in real-time, and move tasks to ‘in progress’ or ‘completed’. So when you need a status update, it’s all there.

“Sharktower pushes the pace of delivery. The Kanban encourages you to simplify things, while the delivery map gives you the bigger picture. It means you have really clear outcomes. " Colin Jarvis, Delivery Manager - Accenture Applied Intelligence

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