Create beautifully engaging project plans.

Walk away from the whiteboard. Sharktower’s ground-breaking Delivery Map puts everyone - and everything - on the same page.

Everything connected

Siloed data can get in the sea. Sharktower’s Delivery Map is a living visualisation of the entire project throughout delivery. See tasks, decisions and user stories in one place – and add, adjust and update them all from within the Kanban board.

Drive momentum

The ‘left to right’ timeline design means the only way is forwards. Colour-coded activity lines show how everything fits together, so everyone can clearly see and understand how their goals and deadlines fit into the bigger picture.

Link outcomes to objectives

Projects succeed when everyone has their eyes on the prize. With Sharktower, you can directly link project deliverables to business objectives, giving a collective focus and stronger sense of ownership.

Why do you need a Delivery Map?

Static project plans don’t reflect the reality of delivering complex change. Here’s why:

Projects aren’t linear

However neatly you plan a project in rows, that’s never how it goes in real life. Every project is the sum of multiple moving parts, and you need a plan that illustrates every linkage and cross-dependency in a realistic way.

Change is continual

Complex change programmes have milestones and deadlines, but not end points. Transformation programmes call for continuous delivery that Gantt-chart-style plans don’t allow for (unless you’re willing to navigate a 500-row document on a daily basis). With the Sharktower Delivery Map, you can evolve your project plan organically over time.

Everyone should ‘get it’

Project teams are larger and more diverse than ever before. And the whole team – from external contractors to external stakeholders – needs to ‘get’ the bigger picture. The Delivery Map is an enticing visual plan that everyone can quickly engage with and understand.

“Sharktower's project visualisation is easily the best in the marketplace. It makes Gantt charts look antiquated." Paul D, Delivery Manager - Financial Services

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