A smarter, simpler way to manage project forecasts and budgets.

Step away from the spreadsheets. Sharktower gives you a better way to create and manage budgets neatly alongside project plans, tasks and reports.

Clean and simple interface

We’ve reimagined rows and columns to give you a clear, consistent way to plan budgets by category and type.

Colour-coded alerts

Budget documents are notoriously hard on the eyes. Our simple colour-coding shows immediately when a project is forecast over or under budget.

Real-time totals

Each time you add or adjust a monthly breakdown, handy ‘totals tiles’ update the total project budget, the current forecast and the delta. A simple graph shows cumulative figures over time.

Why it’s a better way to manage budgets

We’ll be honest: when we first created Sharktower, we didn’t include budget management. But some of our first clients asked for it, and now we understand why.

Better for collaboration

When you need to collaborate, complex spreadsheets can cost more time than they save (could you jump straight into a colleague’s spreadsheet and immediately understand what you were looking at?). In Sharktower, all your forecasts and budgets follow the same format.

Fewer errors

Back in 2010, two Harvard economists found that 88% of spreadsheets contained errors – mainly due to mistakes in formulas. It’s old research now, but ask yourself: are you sure there aren’t any errors in yours? Sharktower keeps the sums simple.

The same, but different.

If your teams are used to using spreadsheets, managing budgets in Sharktower will feel intuitive, not intimidating. So they can start forecasting and planning budgets more clearly in minutes.

“Sharktower is technically complex enough to really dive deeply into the minutia but simplified in such a way that supports flexibility of various different approaches to managing projects." Leon Reynolds, Head of Delivery - Robert Walters

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