Plan, allocate and manage project work in real-time.

Create and mobilise project teams quickly based on individual skills, working patterns and capacity. 

Quickly search by skill

Not sure who’s a front-end or back-end developer? Save time finding out by searching for team member skills within the platform. You can also check their availability at the same time.

Allocate assigned or unassigned resource

Know the skills your project needs but not sure who’ll be working on it yet? No problem. Just block out ‘unassigned’ time until you’re ready to allocate specific team members. 

View utilisation summaries

As your plan builds, see project utilisation figures by day or over time, and view resource capacity within your project and others across the business.



Why you need real-time resource allocation

Every major change or transformation programme is different, but many give project teams the same challenge: how do you deliver more with the same amount of people? Smarter resource management is here to help.


Faster for remote resourcing

With Sharktower, you can check team member skills, capacity and availability right in the platform, without the need for a resource planning meeting.

Maximise productivity and team morale

When you have all the information you need at hand, you can ensure the right people are allocated to the right work, and that nobody in the team is either under-utilised or over-loaded.

Be ready to press ‘go’!

When you have the right project team in place, and have a clear overview of the timeline, you’ll be ready to launch that next phase of your project without worrying about resourcing gaps.

“We were on the market for a tool that was simple to implement across our global business and would ensure standardised delivery across our teams." Dale Porter, Head of PMO - Inspired Education

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