Tricks and Treats for managing change projects

Posted by Team Sharktower on October 25th, 2022

Managing change projects might feel like a nightmare some days – but it doesn’t have to.

In the spirit of Halloween, let’s take a look at common (slightly scary) problems project managers face, and share some Sharktower tricks and treats to make things better.


Nightmare: Not identifying the objectives of the project

Managing change without clear objectives can sometimes feel like stabbing in the dark.

Project objectives give your teams a solid base to build on – when everyone understands the expectations of stakeholders, they can determine project needs and begin gathering the various resources they will need to achieve success.


Sharktower can be used to break down complex programmes into linked outcomes, objectives, activities and tasks.


Some things are far less scary than they first appear. Enjoy this GIF of Chucky the French bulldog.


Nightmare: Failing to identify and manage project risks

Many organisations track project risks in a spreadsheet or other documents; which are updated weekly or monthly and distributed via email to the project team.

Aside from obvious issues like version control, it means that risks are disconnected from the projects themselves, and are often forgotten until the next review meeting.


Sharktower’s project health tool scores each project from 0-100, so you can focus your attention. Even better, it highlights specific issues – like blockers and overdue tasks. The model analyses how many work items are in progress delayed or blocked, and looks for patterns across all projects in order to calculate each health score.


Keep your own health in check this Halloween and try out this fun freaky fruit platter recipe.

Freaky fruit platter on a marble serving board


Nightmare: Communication challenges in project management

Communication breakdown is a major cause of project failure, which is the scariest outcome of all. When teams communicate in silos (or not at all), it becomes almost impossible for managers to oversee progress and coordinate activities.



Sharktower was built with collaboration in mind so you can tag people in comments, chase them for updates and get email notifications – all within the platform.


Freaky fact! The iconic 1990s horror movie The Blair Witch Project took only 8 days to film. Now that’s one fast ‘project’!

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