Welcome to Startup Summit 2021!

Posted by Team Sharktower on October 6th, 2021


Hi everyone, welcome to the 10th Startup Summit!

We’re proud to be Silver sponsors at this year’s event, and share some insights and experience to help you take your business to the next level.

Read on for handy guides, tips and templates. And if you’d like to know more, drop us a chat!


Tips from the tower: getting your ideas off the ground

Check out our 2-part guide for start-ups who are managing projects for the first time. The steps in these articles will help you clarify your goals and prepare to start delivering.


Part 1: Planning the destination

As your start-up grows, it’s important to start outlining some official business objectives.This 4-step guide will help you focus those objectives ready for planning and delivery. Read the article



Part 2: Preparing for take-off

When you don’t yet have a dedicated project management team, how do you drive progress without dropping the ball? These techniques and links will get you project-ready. Read the article



Free stuff and templates

Free stuff is the best stuff, especially when budgets are tight. Here are some of our favourites for advice and softtware, plus some free templates and checklists from us!


Five project management experts to follow on Linkedin

These 5 experts have boat-loads of experience and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. Read why we love their content – and get links to their accounts – in our recent article



Freemium favourites! Six awesome free tools for SMEs. 

From content design to audience research, paid tools can be out of reach for start-ups. So here are some go-to tools that are simple to pick up, save time, and don’t cost a penny. Read the article



Automated project report bundle – free templates!

Are you getting to the point where you’re being asked to provide status reports to Board members and stakeholders? Creating manual reports is time-consuming, so try our automated templates instead. Download the templates


Event planning template

If you’re running or sponsoring an event, it helps to know in which order to plan your activities, assign tasks and stay on schedule. Here, Sharktower’s Marketing Director Nikki Horwood shares a simple checklist to keep you on course. Get the event planning template


Check out our checklists

Love or hate lists, when your start-up gets to the point of raising investment, hiring and running events, they definitely help. So we’ve created these checklists to save you time and help you avoid any gaps in the process.


Hiring checklist

From requirements-gathering to orientation, hiring new team members calls for a structured step-by-step process. This checklist will help you get started. Download the checklist


IT system implementation checklist

When you’re starting out, you can usually wing it with basic IT solutions, but when you need to ramp things up a bit, a checklist helps ensure you don’t miss things. Here’s one we’ve used before. Download the checklist


Raising seed funding checklist

There are many different ways to go about raising a seed/early stage funding round, and while we’re definitely not experts, here are a few high-level steps that helped us. Download the checklist


Anything else you’d like to know?

As a fairly young business ourselves, we’ve been in your shoes. So if there’s anything else we can help with – project-related or otherwise – get in touch!

You can drop us a live chat here today, or email us at info@sharktower.com

Team Sharktower