Sharktower is now a project delivery platform… with a Gantt chart!

Posted by Team Sharktower on September 11th, 2023

Have you ever found yourself in a tangle of complex, unpredictable change that makes your head spin? Us too. That’s why we’ve created something that’ll make it all a bit easier to manage – a Gantt Chart in Sharktower. We know, we know – “Another Gantt Chart? Really?!” But bear with us, because we’ve got some data that might surprise you.

Analysing countless change programs, we discovered a significant shift: three years ago, half of change programmes were complex, and now it’s a whopping 80%. This surge in complexity makes managing change daunting, often pushing us towards familiar methods. And if you do like Gantt charts, you’re not alone. Research by Project Manager revealed Gantt charts topped the list of preferred project management formats – with 36% of the vote.


What we’ve done

We’ve combined the reliability of Gantt charts with the power of Sharktower to create a sort of Gantt 2.0 – one that won’t make you feel like you’ve been transported back to the 1980s. You can plan projects, visualise timelines, and track progress with ease. And of course, you can still link risks, issues, tasks, and decisions to the plan and keep everything in one place.

But this is not just any old Gantt chart. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Real-time insights: Unlike offline relics that could be outdated, our Gantt chart offers a real-time window into project progress.
  • Integrated excellence: Nestled within Sharktower, our Gantt chart isn’t gathering dust in some forgotten folder. Project leaders can effortlessly cross-reference it with project budgets, objectives, and more.


How Sharktower’s Gantt chart solves common project management problems


1. Streamline complex projects with ease

Do you struggle with scope changes, dependencies on other projects, and the never-ending demands of stakeholders? We get it. When projects get to this level, using Gantt charts can become complicated. Sharktower is designed to help teams manage the complexity of even the most challenging projects.



With Sharktower, you can easily visualise your project plan and track progress against your goals, all in one place.


2. Adaptive methodologies, unified platform

At Sharktower, we believe in adaptive project delivery. Sharktower harmonises the power of Gantt methodology with a flexible embrace. Agile, Kanban, Gantt—our platform bridges them all. Our flexible approach to project management means you can choose the methodology that works best for your team, and still stay connected to the rest of the organisation.


3. Efficiency meets functionality

We know that you don’t want to choose between simplicity and functionality.

That’s why our clean, simple interface is packed with powerful, portfolio-style tools you won’t find for free.

Sharktower’s Gantt Chart strikes a balance, diving deep into project intricacies without losing sight of user-friendly design.



4. Empower all teams, streamline all processes

Sharktower makes it easy for anyone to manage their work and stay connected to the rest of the organisation. Our flexible planning tools and templates allow teams to easily map their delivery – whether it’s continuous improvement, business change, procurement processes, or digital transformation programmes. With Sharktower, you can get a single view of delivery across the entire organisation.


5. Seamless data management and focused outcomes

In some cases, the tools you’re using don’t have all the features you need in one place. And in other cases, it comes back to the ubiquity of Excel. But why limit yourself when you can have it all with Sharktower? Our platform doesn’t limit the number of users or data, and our simple, engaging interface means anyone can use and understand it.

We believe in focusing on business outcomes. That’s why we link strategic objectives and benefits to project deliverables and tasks. Our Gantt chart offers a real-time window into project progress, so you can stay on top of your projects and deliver the results that matter.


Thinking of Moving on from Gantt Charts? Try Sharktower’s Delivery Map.

If you’re in the 64% of respondents who are not in the Gantt gang and are ready to take the plunge and explore a groundbreaking tool for visual planning, look no further than Sharktower’s Delivery Map.

Although Gantt charts are a useful and familiar tool for project managers, they may not be the best fit for every project or team. Some projects require a more flexible and intuitive approach to planning and tracking progress, which is where Sharktower’s Delivery Map comes in.

With this tool, you can say goodbye to the limitations of Gantt charts and embrace a more flexible and intuitive way to manage your projects.

Learn more about the Delivery Map and start visualising your project plans in a whole new way here.


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