As the yuletide rolls in around Sharktower, here at HQ we’ve been reminiscing about another year of helping businesses manage change and deliver value.

From project milestones to business objectives, 2021’s new features helped even more teams navigate stormy waters and guide projects safely to shore. Here’s a recap of what’s been released already, plus a sneak peek of what’s brand new for December.


Budget management made a splash…

Maximising profit was a resolution for every business in 2021, and back in January we delivered Sharktower’s budget management feature. This enabled users to break the project budget down into different categories and types; quickly spot cost overruns; see resourcing errors and identify inaccurate estimates.

It’s been one of our most popular feature launches to date, with users reporting it’s helped them keep projects on track month by month.


Our budget management tool was released in January 2021


…then got even better.

In March, we made budget management even better with new summary tiles and graph views – as well as a “Budget vs Forecast” visual on the Project Overview page.



Spring wins

In April and May, Springtime improvements were sprung, including:

  • Improved authentication – we created a new mechanism for when users log in, change passwords or add more users. This chunk of work got Sharktower ready for Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication, which we are now rolling out to certain customers.
  • Smarter project filters – we added a simple but handy feature that means when you navigate away from the Projects page, Sharktower will remember your filters for when you come back.
  • Workstream performance – we added a visual to the Project Overview page to enable project managers and stakeholders to understand more about the status of scope breakdown across all workstreams on the project.