Project tracking: a bite-sized blog

Posted by Team Sharktower on September 21st, 2022

When you manage projects, you need an understanding of what’s going on, whether through reports from your teams or checking how planned activities are progressing.

For this to be effective, everyone involved in project delivery must be able to collaborate and have clear and open channels of communications.

To do that well, you need:

  • A project plan that any team member can engage with, drill down into the detail and understand their role and how everything fits together.
  • Task list or kanban – particularly useful for people who are managing their own tasks
  • Integrated messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams, where everyone can communicate directly about the project
  • A regular cadence of project status meetings and stand-ups to share progress, remove roadblocks and stay aligned, even remotely
  • Reports and dashboards to help reduce the time associated with collecting and compiling reports

Project Tracking with Sharktower

A project management technique called project tracking monitors the development of a project’s tasks. Many project managers have a responsibility to provide accurate project status reports so that it is clear how far along the project is in relation to the original plan. Project managers also need to know whether significant tasks and objectives have been completed, as well as whether the project will be finished on time.

Project managers and other project stakeholders can view project tracking to see what has been completed thus far, what tasks are still outstanding, what obstacles have been encountered, and what resources are required to get beyond them.

Why project tracking matters

When you are managing multiple projects and don’t have a system or software to track and monitor performance, project failure is significantly more common. Project tracking is useful in this situation. Teams of all sizes can benefit from project tracking by better managing their resources to help produce objectives that support the expansion of their business.

There are many advantages to project tracking, but it’s important to use the correct tools, particularly when the number of team members, tasks, and resources rises.

The best project management systems enable effective end-to-end documentation of work activities while promoting team collaboration. Sharktower intelligent change delivery software gives you the bigger picture; with real-time reporting, linked objectives and outcomes, and visible alerts when progress is going off course.

How that looks in Sharktower:

  • The Delivery Map planning tool enables real-time collaboration and gives a clear view of the bigger picture and dependencies between teams
  • Drag-and-drop kanban board, where everyone can ask questions, log decisions and request updates
  • Sharktower Meetings, the unique tool that stores actions and decisions within the plan.
  • Objectives linked all the way to key results to milestones to tasks
  • Real-time reports aggregating all the data entered during project delivery to a level useful for all stakeholders (more about reports below)


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