Drowning in spreadsheets and powerpoint decks? Sharktower alternatives can keep your project afloat

Posted by Team Sharktower on April 26th, 2023


Ah, spreadsheets, notepads, and emails. The three musketeers of project management tools. But let’s be real, they’re like the dinosaurs of the office world – big, bulky, and not very efficient. And let’s not forget, they’re also pretty boring too. It’s like using a typewriter when everyone else is using the latest MacBook Pro.

But fear not, there is a brighter future ahead! It’s time to say goodbye to those ancient relics and embrace the modern era of project management. With tools like Sharktower, you can finally ditch those spreadsheets and notepads, and leave those dinosaurs in the past. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s about time we left those dinosaurs in the past. They’ve had their time in the spotlight, now it’s time for us to shine! Let’s look at how Sharktower can bring your project admin up to date.


Are you capturing risks on a spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets – the go-to for tracking everything from expenses to risks. But let’s be real, no one really enjoys updating spreadsheets, especially when it comes to tracking risks. Plus, it’s disconnected from the overall project, and only the project manager has access to it. So, what’s the solution? Use Sharktower, of course! With Sharktower, you can easily capture risks, link them to specific areas in the plan, and track mitigating actions. This helps keep people accountable and ensures stakeholders are aware of the overall risk profile for the project. Say goodbye to disconnected spreadsheets and hello to a more efficient risk management system.



Are you sending actions (and chasing updates) by email?

It’s a fact that many of us enjoy sending emails, it feels similar to sending messages in a bottle with the hope that they will successfully reach the intended recipient, and despite the rise of instant messaging and other forms of communication, it’s unlikely that emails will ever disappear completely. But when it comes to project management, emails can be a bit of a headache.

Chasing team members for updates, keeping track of who has replied, and ensuring everyone is on the same page can be a real challenge. So, what’s the alternative? Use Sharktower’s Kanban feature. Assign actions to your team and tag them in comments and they’ll be instantly notified. And if you need to chase them up, just use the “Request an update” feature. This ensures everyone is on the same page and you’re not drowning in a sea of emails.


Capturing meeting minutes on notepad?

We get it, there’s something satisfying about writing down notes on a notepad. But let’s be honest, it’s not the most efficient way to capture everything from a meeting. With Sharktower, you can create a meeting and capture actions and decisions in real-time. If it’s a recurring meeting, you can go back in time and see what was discussed and raised. Attendees will get an email update, ensuring everyone is on the same page (even if they didn’t attend), as well as instant notification of tasks. So, say goodbye to notepads and hello to a more efficient meeting management system.

See how Sharktower makes meetings (and actions) simple in this 3.5-minute video.



Creating a plan on a page with PowerPoint?

We’ve all been there – spending hours crafting a beautiful slide that shows the entire project plan on one page. But no one has the time to keep updating that slide every time something changes. Plus, it’s not interactive and it’s easy to miss important details. That’s where Sharktower comes in. With Sharktower, you can generate automated, interactive plans that span months, quarters, or even years – all on one page. No more struggling with PowerPoint slides and no more missed details.



With Sharktower we can generate automated, interactive plans spanning months, quarters or years on one page – like this:


Document management made easy

Oh, and did we forget to mention document management? Say goodbye to emailing documents back and forth or storing them in a shared drive. Sharktower’s document management system is like having your own personal assistant to manage all your project documents. By attaching files to work items, such as tasks, risks, issues, decisions, and stories, you can keep all relevant documents organised and easily accessible. This means that you can spend less time searching for documents and more time focusing on the task at hand. Plus, with Sharktower’s secure document management system, you can rest assured that your project documents are safe and protected.

Sharktower document attach


Let’s talk

So there you have it, folks – it’s time to ditch those old project admin tools and move on to a more efficient and modern system. Sharktower has got you covered when it comes to managing risks, meetings, and plans. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, notepads, and emails, and hello to Sharktower. If you’d like to see more of Sharktower’s time-saving features in action, get in touch today.