Transform your business from the inside out

Sharktower’s parent company Proteus is a change and transformation consultancy with a unique approach.

In a world of continual change, their mission is to help organisations not only manage change in-house; but develop the knowledge and skills to do it in a self-sufficient, sustainable way.  


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How Proteus can support your organisational change

A partnership approach to delivery

To succeed, organisational change should be owned by everyone – not just business leaders and consultants.  Whether you need support with project recovery or end-to-end delivery, Proteus partners with your people to give them the clarity and confidence to deliver critical initiatives and meet target outcomes.

Fast, effective assurance

Independent assurance gives objectivity and certainty on where you are, predictive insights into where you’re going, and actions required to increase your chances of success.  Proteus can establish change assurance from scratch, carry out high-impact interventions or provide guided access to a suite of intelligent tools. 

Developing your in-house capability

The Proteus approach is designed to take clients on a journey towards 80% self-sufficiency, reducing dependency on third parties over time. Through partnership working and knowledge sharing, the Proteus experts teach your in-house teams to do what they do, and develop a level of internal change capability you can rely on.

Access comparative data and insights

The Proteus Change Hub is a suite of diagnostic health checks, assurance tools and best practice checklists that allow you to measure and compare your change performance.

This independent and statistically proven resource enables you to respond to change more confidently and cost-effectively, while predictive insights show your chances of success.

Whether you need a common framework for assessing overall project health at macro level, or a way to quickly pinpoint and successfully intervene at micro level, the Change Hub offers it all in one place. 

Experts you’ll want to work with 

A new wave of change calls for a new breed of consultant. Proteus change experts are driven to make a meaningful difference – supporting teams to develop their own skills and take control of their transformation journey. 

And it’s not just about experience – while every Proteus consultant has a strong background in delivering complex change, they also bring the softer skills required to quickly build rapport and become part of your team. 


Proven success as change partners   

From global corporate brands, to governments and NGOs, Proteus has supported and empowered clients across a broad range of sectors at every stage of the change cycle, and at every level of their organisational structure. 

The team has over 20 years’ experience of helping people understand, navigate and harness the power of transformation in order to survive crucial challenges, scale core operations, or thrive in their market. 

"The Proteus team bring experience, common sense, pragmatism and a great delivery track record. They don't simply deliver and disappear - they leave embedded knowledge in the teams they work with."

Looking for support on your change journey?

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