Less sink, more swim.

Any new software can make users feel out of their depth. Our Customer Success team is here to help you set up and use Sharktower in the best way for your teams and your organisation.

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How we help you dive into intelligent delivery

Kick-off session

We’ll arrange a session to gauge your specific requirements and agree success criteria.

Ongoing support

All of our pricing packages include tailored onboarding and ongoing support.

Help to navigate change

There are different ways to use Sharktower, depending on what you're delivering. We'll help you find the best.

Fast, free onboarding

Adopting Sharkower is faster than you might expect. First, we’ll work with you to create a suitable onboarding timeline. If you want to dive straight in, we can make that happen, but most customers opt for a phased, step-by-step approach.

We’ll also support with inputting your existing data into Sharktower, and while our Bigger Boat license includes the most hands-on support, whichever license you choose, we’ll check in regularly to offer help, advice and news about product updates.

All users also have full access to our online knowledge base, in-app guidance and service desk.

Our product experts are also delivery experts

Our customer success team don’t just know Sharktower inside out – they also have experience of delivering real change projects in the outside world.

At the very start of your Sharktower journey, you’ll talk directly to our Head of Product & Customer Success, Neil Greenhorn. Neil understands the challenges of introducing new software with minimal disruption, and will create an onboarding plan to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Unique usage reports

Sharktower takes the guesswork out of project delivery, and our usage reports do the same for user behaviour.

As part of your onboarding process, we’ll work with you to create bespoke usage reports, with custom usage indicators that show how your teams are really getting on with using Sharktower.

The reports show behavioural insights and patterns, which we’ll talk through with you in monthly reviews. We’ll also recommend any actions and improvements to help your teams work more effectively.

"Sharktower's implementation process is simple and streamlined with minimal configuration needed." Dale Porter, Head of PMO

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