Simple, powerful software for change-makers

Sharktower was founded by people with first-hand experience of running change programmes. That’s why our platform has everything you need (and nothing you don’t).

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How Sharktower bridges the gap

Better than 'basic'

Sharktower has a clean, simple interface, but is packed with powerful, portfolio-style tools you won’t find for free.

Flexible pricing

We’ll never tie you to a licensing model you don’t need. Our pricing allows you to scale up or down.

Designed for delivery managers

Every aspect of Sharktower was designed specifically for teams who deliver change.

Simple on the surface, smart under the surface.

You don’t have to choose between software that’s either simple to use or packs a punch. Sharktower is designed to keep your projects clutter-free, yet is packed with AI that converts complex data into actionable insights.

Affordable, flexible licensing

If you only need per user licensing, we do that. But if you need more, we keep that simple too. Two business licenses: one with customer support included, one without. And whichever you choose, there are no strict limits on data or user access.


Everything connected to the plan

With Sharktower, as well as being assigned, labelled and organised in the Kanban board, every task is linked to an activity in the visual Delivery Plan. So as tasks are updated, the plan is always a live source of the truth.

Run stand-ups and capture actions as you go

Set up and host your daily stand-ups from within the platform, using the Kanban to work through outstanding and blocked tasks. A handy timer helps keep the meeting on track, and you can email minutes to all attendees when the meeting has ended.

Greater accountability with visible OKRs

Sharktower enables you to unite teams behind common business goals. Use the ‘Objectives’ feature to outline the primary goal, define required outcomes and allocate key results to team members.

A simple, engaging interface

When you want everyone in the team to engage with a platform, it should look as good as it performs. Sharktower is visual and interactive, so anyone can use and understand it – from creative thinkers to analytical ones.

"The ability to then flick into the kanban, rather than a traditional, linear project plan, brings the collaboration to life for teams, as well as for the project manager." Leon Reynolds, Head of Projects and Delivery

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