Work together, seamlessly.

Whether your teams are working from home or across different offices, Sharktower brings people, projects and data together in one seamless platform.

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How Sharktower keeps project teams connected

Linked tasks and activities

See the full picture with every task linked to an activity in the plan.

In-app meetings tool

Run timed stand-ups in Sharktower, with a clear view of associated tasks in the kanban.

Jira Cloud Sync

Working with developers? Sharktower allows you to sync with JIRA and see progress in one place.

Get everyone on the same page

Sharktower removes the need for multiple tools and disparate spreadsheet-style plans. While project managers can adapt the platform to their needs, every plan, kanban board and report is shown in a standardised format.

So whether you prefer an agile, waterfall or scrum approach; and whatever type of improvement, change or transformation programme you’re running, you can bring everyone and everything together.

View team skills, capacity and availability in one place

As projects become more complex, so does building the right teams to deliver them. Sharktower makes it easier to plan and allocate project resource.

Every user profile includes Location, Skills and Working Pattern fields, so project leads can start to resource a project as soon as it’s scoped. Know you’ll need a contractor? No problem: just allocate ‘unassigned’ time until you have the right person lined up.


Run stand-ups and trigger actions automatically

Sharktower’s meetings tool means you can run stand-ups online and update tasks in real-time.

With a visible timer keeping the stand-up flowing, the meeting host can quickly filter the Kanban to view and update each participant’s tasks and create actions.

At the end of the meeting, every update is stored in Sharktower, and can be automatically emailed to the owner.

"We use the Sharktower plan for an overview for our weekly team meetings, then dive into the kanban and see how the stories are progressing." Colin Jarvis, Delivery Manager

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