Get a birds-eye view of business change

As a project or programme leader, you rely on having the data you need to make informed decisions.

Sharktower gives you that overall view.

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How Sharktower gives you the info you need

See the bigger picture

Track activities against outcomes, increasing visibility and shared accountability.

Spot problems before they occur

Easily access real-time delivery insights and early warning indicators.

Everything connected

Improve strategic alignment with a plan that visually connects deliverables to business benefits.

Real-time status reports and insights

We all know reporting is important. But with project managers regularly spending 20%-30% of their time creating manual reports (we know, because they’ve told us!), it’s time to go automated.

Sharktower’s real-time reporting gives you live project data and insights; enabling you to make fast, informed decisions when things need to change (let’s face it, at some point they always do).

Save time, identify risks, take action.

Shared goals and visible objectives

Many projects fail not through lack of budget or resources, but because the team has no shared focus or clear objective to work towards. Sharktower solves that.

When your entire project lives in one connected platform, everyone has the same daily touchpoint. Sharktower allows you to link assigned tasks to objectives which are then linked to business outcomes, so everyone knows what they’re doing but also why they are doing it.

Plans the whole team can understand

Humans process images 60,000 times faster than text. So when you need the whole team to engage with a project, visual planning is the way forward.

With Sharktower’s interactive Delivery Map you can create project plans using colour-coded, interlinking activity lines that reflect real-life collaborations and dependencies.

And it’s not just a pretty picture. Every line and node is connected to real project data that knows (and shows) when deadlines are at risk.

"Sharktower pushes the pace of delivery. The Kanban encourages you to simplify things, while the delivery map shows the bigger picture. It means you have really clear outcomes." Colin Jarvis, Delivery Manager

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