Whatever you're changing, Sharktower keeps you on course.

Sharktower was designed specifically for complex change and transformation programmes. Whatever your goal, Sharktower helps you monitor progress and drive momentum.

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Who chooses Sharktower, and why?

PMO/programme leads

Sharktower standardises project management and reporting, reducing manual processes and giving project leaders more time to focus on objectives and adding value to the business.

Heads of IT & transformation

Sharktower enables transformation leaders to set clear goals and milestones, and allows teams to choose the right delivery methods and approaches to achieve them.

Business change leaders

Sharktower provides a collaborative way to manage change and business outcomes - aligning projects to strategic objectives and showing where focus and resource are required.

IT & Digital Transformation

Sharktower enables hundreds of users to collaborate, and aids stakeholder understanding via clear data visualisation.

Projects being run in Sharktower include:

  • Rolling out new platforms
  • Re-platforming ecommerce infrastructures
  • Moving services to the cloud


Business change initiatives

Business change is rarely confined to one business areaSharktower allows everyone to collaborate and communicate in one place.

Projects being run in Sharktower include:

  • Achieving sustainability goals 
  • Developing new products and services
  • Expanding into new geographies


Procurement processes

Sharktower enables organisation-wide tracking of procurement processes, from contract awards and implementation, to outcome realisation and ESG impact tracking.​ 

Projects being run in Sharktower include:

  • Procurement process improvement
  • Procurement and climate change targets
  • Project procurement management


Project and portfolio management

Sharktower allows project managers to plan, manage and measure progress in one platform, driving momentum and highlighting day-to-day issues.

Tasks being managed in Sharktower include:

  • Collaborative planning and goal setting
  • Resource and budget management
  • Weekly and monthly reporting



Sharktower lets you visualise your entire marketing plan, and link activities and milestones directly to objectives. Prioritise projects, balance workloads, streamline your reporting.

Projects being run in Sharktower include:

  • Event management
  • Content creation and campaign management
  • Marketing strategy


"Sharktower’s UI is seamless and flexible whichever way you want to work." Pippa Adams, Data Consultant

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