Machine learning, made for managing change.

AI-driven tools don’t replace project managers. They’re built to analyse data and give you the information you need to act on potential risks and issues.


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How Sharktower’s data models spot issues on the horizon

Project health scores

A score from 0-100 tells you more than a traditional RAG status alone.

Actionable insights

'Explainable AI’ highlights which areas require focus and attention.

Monitor team sentiment

Natural Language Processing determines whether team comments are trending positively or negatively.

Track project health scores

Classic RAG status reports don’t tell you much, especially when they’re subjective and mostly show as ‘amber’.

Sharktower’s project health tool scores each project from 0-100, so you can focus your attention. Even better, it highlights specific issues – like blockers and overdue tasks.

The model analyses how many work items are in progress, delayed or blocked; and looks for patterns across all projects in order to calculate each health score.

See trends in team sentiment

Sharktower’s team sentiment model uses Natural Language Processing to analyse comment and free text fields – along with interactions in the Kanban – to determine whether teamwork and morale are trending positively or negatively over time.

The team sentiment tile shows the trend across an 8-week period, and suggests actions project managers can take to investigate potential issues.


Get real-time status reports

Access live project insights across the whole portfolio, giving you instant delivery assurance at a glance.

Sharktower’s project overview page shows you upcoming milestones and work completions, and allows you to easily drill down for more detail.

"Sharktower has a blend of UX, UI and gimmickry that is also underpinned by an extremely powerful evidence-driven engine." Leon Reynolds, Head of Projects and Delivery

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