Data-driven project management.

Data-driven project management

A sharktower at the beach is used to spot danger on the horizon, and Sharktower does the same job for project delivery.


Delivery Intelligence

Delivery Intelligence Dashboards

Sharktower can identify potential issues before they occur and help you address them.

We have developed machine learning models which use key signals from project data to provide an objective project health score. We also provide proactive assurance, training models on your historic data to determine the probability of plan slippage by applying natural language processing to understand team sentiment.

Our vision is to build the autonomous project, navigating humans on the optimal route to the intended outcome.


What makes Sharktower different?


Next-gen planning

Sharktower allows you to go beyond Gantt charts and create a plan that the whole team can access and engage with.

Draw and edit project plans in a collaborative space, with a clear view of dependencies. A real-time tool that enables multiple users to work on a plan together, and record key business outcomes as they go.

what you need to know, when you need to know it

Sharktower delivers total project transparency and makes it easy to access key information from dashboards, drilling down and filtering to access exactly what you need to know and take key actions.

With real-time information provided from across the system, we’re helping to remove the need for shadow reporting and making insights timely, relevant and actionable.


Stand-up meeting

Built to help you deliver together

Sharktower is a tool for everyone, not just the project manager locked in their office.

Our groundbreaking stand-up meeting tool brings teams together to balance and discuss their workload, whilst our project and portfolio reporting toolkit can engage senior stakeholders and build their confidence.

manage your work from anywhere

Sharktower is accessible from any device, and has its own dedicated mobile app available for Android & iOS platforms.

Wherever you are, you can keep on top of what’s happening on your project with individual and project kanbans and tools to help you prioritise and focus.

Mobile App


Our Impact

Every year, organisations waste billions on change projects. In increasingly complex environments, they still rely on methods that have barely evolved in 25 years. We are doing something about this.

Sharktower helps our customers manage their investment in change by:

  • Removing the industry within an industry of shadow reporting to provide consistent transparency from top to bottom

  • Breaking apart silos of project data, enabling open collaboration for shared accountability towards delivery

  • Enabling portfolio oversight without constraint, regardless of the type of methodologies and data sources used

  • Utilising data to provide real-time insights, spot problems before they occur and enable data-driven decision making


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